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Rustic Cártama

Cártama is a town with a population of 25,000 inhabitants located just twenty minutes by car from Malaga. The town opens the way from Malaga to the beautiful Guadalhorce Valley. Many have chosen to buy a house in Cártama due to the possibility of living in a rural Andalusian community, in a more countryside setting. In Cártama it is possible to walk upon a shepherd and his herd of goats while hiking around olive plantations and citric trees. Cártama is a white town of considerable size founded thousands of years ago by Phoenician settlers. Although the town is not considered the most beautiful white Andalusian village (especially when compared to Casares or Álora), it can hold monumental gems such as an Arab fortress as well as the Church of San Pedro, which was built after the Christian conquest of the 15th century. But the undisputed advantage of living in this town for those who have decided to buy a house in Cártama is the close proximity to Malaga, which is only a twenty minutes drive. Cártama also has its own rail connection to Malaga from Estación de Cártama, located a couple of kilometers from the city center.

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As in other towns on the Costa del Sol, not all rural houses in Cártama have been built according to the local urbanistic plan. Therefore, when buying one of these houses in Cártama, it is important to make sure its DAFO document is in order and, in order to avoid further problems, it is recommended to work with MiMove affiliated real estate agency. Cártama offers good options for those who want to lead a rural lifestyle, but at the same time, would like to have all the urban services and the beaches of Málaga and Torremolinos at close by. In this location, real estate prices tend to be lower than in Malaga, although recently they have been rising due to the growing interest of expat visitors in this rural area. In fact, there are already 1500 international residents who havedecided to buy their house in Cártama. Will you be the next?

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