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Rincón de La Victoria

Soothing Rincón de la Victoria

Rincón de la Victoria, with approximately 45,000 inhabitants, is located on the eastern part of the Costa del Sol, in the area that is now called Costa del Sol Axarquía.

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For those who want to buy a home in Rincón de la Victoria, its undisputed attraction is a wide beach of fine sand and limpid waters that stretch for seven kilometers. With such a longitude, even during peak summer times, the beach never reaches the crowding levels of Costa del Sol. This is a very quiet village, with some recommended restaurants but not distinguished by a young and vibrant nightlife. For this reason, it attracts mainly Spanish families and older residents who are lured by the tranquility of a peaceful town where they can spend their days by the sea. The proximity to Malaga has made it an excellent alternative for seaside housing side by side to the capital of the Costa del Sol, but at a much lower price range. Many Malagueños have chosen Rincón de la Victoria to buy their first or second home and are willing to commute twenty minutes every day to their place of work in Malaga. The international expat who decides to buy a home in Rincón de la Victoria will find here a real estate offer at competitive prices. At the same time, he will enjoy a haven of tranquility by the sea to share with Spanish neighbors. And, of course, there is also a hidden treasure here. That pf Rincón de la Victoria is precisely a tressure cave, La Cueva del Tesoro, the only European cave spawned by sea waves open to visitors. A genuine natural wonder.

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