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Costa de Cádiz Northwest

Beach options next to a national park

During summer, those Spanish tourists that are not absorbed by Conil, Cádiz or El Puerto de Santa María, may head for the Atlantic coast located in northwest of Puerto de Santa María, and which includes the towns of Rota, Chipiona and Sanlúcar de Barrameda. The colonization of these towns by international expatriates is still very scarce (if we do not count the Americans installed in Rota), so you will feel like a pioneer if you decide to buy a home in Rota, Chipiona or Sanlúcar.

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Much more than a naval base

Rota has a population of 30,000 inhabitants and a long historical journey since Roman times, which has resulted in an impressive historic center full of monuments, holding treasures such as its ancient wall or the Castle of the Moon, from the 13th century, which serves as town hall. But although the treasures of its old town are the envy of its neighbours on the coast, what undoubtedly attracts the tourist crowd are the fabulous beaches of fine, golden sand, which stretch for 16 kilometers. Among them, it is worth mentioning the urban beaches of La Costilla, Chorrillo and Rompidilla, the beaches of Costa Ballena (near various commnunities in the outskirts) or Punta Candor beach, famous for its dunes. You cannot talk about Rota without mentioning its Spanish-American naval base, where 5,000 Spanish soldiers, 2,000 American soldiers and their families live together. The town of Rota has a great economic activity related to the base and it is very easy to find American staff of the base enjoying their free time hours in the local nightlife. Consequently, the base’s needs have an immediate effect in the Rota real estate market. For this reason, a possible way to get an annual return on the purchase of a home in Rota is to ensure its long-term rental to base personnel.

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The summer explosion

Chipiona is one of those Andalusian towns holding a small population (20,000 inhabitants), as well as beautiful beaches of fine white sand. Due to the influx of national tourists, Chipiona’s population is multiplied several times in the summer (between 100,000 and 200,000 summer inhabitants, according to different sources). The city is "conquered" by people from Jerez, Seville, Madrid and other Spanish cities that suffer the misfortune of not having a beach of their own. Due to this, summers in Chipiona become a constant search for either a parking space or a place on the beach in which to stick an umbrella or a measly plastic chair at a chiringuito-bar. However, the charms of Chipiona are still there, among which you can find its wonderful beaches or the fabulous views from the tallest lighthouse in Spain. The international visitor who wants to buy a house in Chipiona will find a cozy, familiar and quiet village with fabulous beaches to fully enjoy at ease during nine months of the year. The town transforms itself during the three summer months, which will provide great opportunities to rent your home at a very good price and thus make a seasonal return on your investment. If, on the other hand, you decide to reside in Chipiona also in summer, you will find a city completely changed due to the massive arrival of seasonal residents, but also with an extended offer of activities and nightlife.

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Living in front of a natural paradaise

Sanlúcar de Barrameda, with almost 70,000 inhabitants, is, in our opinion, the town with the most complete offer of this part of the Cadiz coast. The villa is linked since the 13th century to nobleman Guzmán el Bueno and the Medina Sidonia House that he founded, which can be seen in a rich historical town center that includes the Medina Sidonia Palace and the Castillo de Santiago, both of them a must see. Settled at the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, the city played a crucial role during the conquest of the New World: from here departed the third voyage of Columbus, as well as the Magellan expedition that went around the world for the first time. The expat who wants to buy a home in Sanlúcar de Barrameda will find here 6 kilometers of the best beaches and a city that is lively throughout the year, and one which is not congested in the summer in the same way as other neighboring towns. Sanlúcar in August offers one of the most unique spectacles in Spain: its famous horse races on the beaches of the city. Sanlúcar also has gastronomic delights that are hard to resist: at the mouth of the Guadalquivir, the famous Sanlúcar jumbo shrimp is captured, considered to be one of the best in Spain. Likewise, the city produces its own variety of Sherry wine, manzanilla, ideal for an appetizer at noon. The best places to taste these, and to try the delicious fresh fish in the area are the restaurants on Bajo de Guía Avenue (and here Casa Bigote is an absolute must go), as well as the tapas bars of the Plaza del Cabildo, where you cannot miss the “tortillita de camarones” (baby shrimp fried pancake) from Casa Balbino. Finally, one of the reasons why you should consider to buy a house in Sanlúcar is that it is located just off the coast of the Doñana National Park, to which the city has a privileged access for trips in private or guided tours. Doñana is a required resting place in the journey of European migratory birds, and for this reason it has become aNational Park declared by Unesco World Heritage Site. It is a privileged environment to observe all kinds of birds, as well as other representatives of the Spanish fauna, including the almost extinct Iberian lynx.

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