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A cove of history and tradition 30 minutes away from the sea

If, departing from Águilas, you drive North for 30 minutes, you will soon notice the shape of the impressive Fortaleza del Sol looming from the top of a sharp ridge over the historic town of Lorca. Just from a short look at this sight, you can be certain that this is a city with a past. Being an inland town, Lorca (100,000 inhabitants) has not yet become a traditional target for the international visitor looking for a property for sale in Costa Cálida. However, there are plenty of reasons why, for the right person, the best real estate investment option could be to buy a property in Lorca.

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For starters, Lorca is a city with a deeply enrooted history, and the enlightened visitor will find in this city a very rich monumental and historical complex to keep him occupied. During the Reconquista war, this city was right in the border between the Christian kingdom of Castilla and the Moor kingdom of Granada, which were on a permanent war state. Hence, the great extension and strength of its castle, the already mentioned Fortaleza del Sol. A guided visit to this well conserved fortress is the most recommended way to start diving into Lorca’s past. And, from here, you should head to the impressive Plaza de España in Lorca’s city centre and sit in its terrace to refresh yourself with a beer while you enjoy the sight of the Colegiata de San Patricio, the Lorca Town House or the Casa del Corregidor, all of them built between the XVI and XVIII centuries. Besides its historical interest, the town of Lorca also provides its fair share of brand shops, bars and good restaurants that make the best out of the region’s top quality vegetable produce. And, for sure, you will also find here any other services expected from any mid-sized town, such as hospitals or a good choice of state schools (as well as a bilingual school in Puerto Lumbreras, within a 15 minutes drive). Regarding local festivities, Lorca’s Semana Santa (Easter festivities) is a must see, especially since it is famous in Spain due to its very distinct flavor. While in other parts of Spain the procesiones are a solemn business of penance (although some heavy drinking may go on in the side alleys), in Lorca these are spiced up with full regiments of ancient Roman soldiers (or even Aegyptian ones) patrolling the avenues, as well as with races of Roman chariots at full speed through Lorca’s streets. Definitely much more fun for the casual visitor.

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But Lorca goes much beyond the city itself, since it comprises a very wide municipality of 1675 squared kilometers (the second largest one in Spain). Within Lorca’s municipality limits, you will find excellent and non developed beaches such as Baño de Mujeres or Siscal. On the inland direction, you may also find mountainous areas such as Peñarubia, with hiking routes that provide for great fun. If you decide to buy a property in Lorca, you will reside in a community proud of its historical heritage and will be experiencing with the lorqueños the authentic Spanish way of life, detached from the larger expat communities. You will find property prices here more affordable than in the coastal areas, and, if you pay attention, you may be able to find some real opportunities. However, there is also a caveat that every investor looking for property for sale in Lorca town should know: this town is located in one of the areas with largest seismic risk in Spain (although this is also not considered such a high risk by global standards). If you decide to buy a property in Lorca town itself, you should always enquire about the property’s construction and its ability to withstand seismic shocks. Investing in a building technical evaluation service might be worthwhile in these cases.

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