Area Guide

Tabernes del la Valldigna

Perfect hiking among white pines

You are on the terrace of a chiringuito, enjoying a cold sangria and when you finish, you take a pleasant walk through a virgin area surrounded by dunes. This can be your day to day if you decide to buy a flat or a house in Tabernes de la Valldigna. You can walk away from a regular beach with plenty of chiringuitos to enter another where serenity reigns in its golden sand. Something for everyone´s taste. Communication roues to Valencia Airport are convenient since it is only 70 km away, that is, one hour by car or one hour and thirty minutes by train. If you decide to buy a property in Tabernes de la Valldigna, on any given day you can start your day with a Valencian breakfast in the village, for example, at the Delicias Restaurant, where you should taste its delicious homemade cakes. From there, we will be walking through a dirt road to the famous Bolomor Cave. This cave represents a crucial place to discover the origins and characteristics of the European paleolithic settlement, the life forms of the Neandertals and other hominids that preceded them. When we have enjoyed a well deserved rest, it is time to walk on the beach through carob trees and white pines. Upon reaching the beach, we can enjoy Torre Atalaya, also called La Vall tower. This tower was commissioned by Spanish king Felipe II in year 1575 as a defensive bastion against the frequent pirate attacks of that time. We have a great ending prepared for this wonderful day: what better option than to take a bath while we watch one of the best sunsets of the Mediterranean in a practically unsoiled piece of land? You will feel completely reconciled with nature.

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