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Nijar and Cabo de Gata

A treat for nature lovers

Nijar municipality in Costa del Almeria is one of the geographical largest municipalities in Spain and there are 30 000 inhabitants. Parts of the area is home to Cabo de Gata, a marine nature reserve. The people living in the area are concentrated to towns Campohemoso, San Isidro and Nijar itself. The town Nijar is known for its pottery tradition. The pottery shops lay side by side and sell colourful local Andalucian style ceramics. On the outskirts of the town, you can find larger garden centres selling garden ornaments, bird baths, statues and large pots.

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Should you go looking for a property for sale in Nijar and make it your home you can look forward to being part of a real Spanish community. Here the everyday life moves along at a slow pace, the way it always has. The afternoon break, Siesta, is important as the heat is relentless. The towns in this area of Spain shut down almost completely in the afternoons. If you like nature and the genuinely Spanish this area might be for you. The central towns in this area are all located away from the coast and it can be very hot during the summer months. Are you bothered by the heat you may want to explore the coast instead, for example the Isleta del Moro and Aqua Amarga. The small fishing villages are very charming and authentic. There is no mass tourism although the population increases during summer time. The tourists are mainly local but international visitors can easily get to the area as there is an international airport in Almeria. The main sources of income are agriculture, especially green houses, and tourism especially the water sport centre in San José.

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Cabo de Gata is the marine nature reserve that stretches along the coast of Nijar’s municipality. It is the geographically largest protected coastal area in Andalucia. Since the area has desert climate, also the fauna and flora are affected. The nature reserve is located by the foot of Sierra del Cabo de Gata, Spain’s largest volcanic formation. The mountain falls steeply into the sea. Along the shore there are many hidden coves with white sandy beaches, some the most beautiful in the whole of Andalucia. The area is known for its sea animals but also for its birds on land. Don’t forget your camera with a good zoom and a pair of binoculars when you go hiking in Cabo de Gata. In 1997, the area was named a UNESCO Biosphere reserve and in 2001 the area got included in the selection of Specially Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance. The name, Cabo de Gata, comes from the mineral Agate, that used to be extracted in this area. On the way north, towards Carboneras, you will find Playa de los Muertos, the Beach of the Dead. It is well worth a visit. It has been said that the beach that can only be reached by foot is the finest beach in all of Andalucia. The legend has it that seafarer often got ship wrecked and got washed up on this beach in the storms. Today, the coast guards are patrolling the area and accidents are rare. The Nijar area is vast and has lots of contrasting areas so should you go looking for a property for sale, do take your time. There are lots to explore and each subarea is different. It will pay off to look in different places to find your dream property for sale.

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