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Mojacar är Roquetas de Mar

A relaxing holiday resort to let time pass by

Roquetas de Mar (sea pebbles) is the most important holiday resort, besides Mojacar farther north, on Costa de Almeria. The tourists come flocking during the summer months, but it is still limited compared to many other tourist spots in Spain. There are still plenty of space on the wide beaches and always easy to get a good table in the restaurants.

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With just shy of 100 000 inhabitants Roquetas de Mar is the second largest city in Costa del Almeria. Roquetas de Mar has all the facilities and amenities you may wish for. There is even a bull fighting ring. Down by the marina, you can get a sense of the time when fishing was the main source of income. The town and area have more sources of income today, for example tourism and agriculture, but fishing is still important. The authentic atmosphere is still present by the harbour and it is a lovely pastime to spend an hour or two with a glass of chilled wine watching the fishing boats go by. If you go looking for a property for sale in Roquetas de Mar or in Aguadulce you will get access to both city life and the sea. And the city of Almeria is not far away with more shopping and culture.

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If you take the western route along the beach towards the light house and the watch tower there is an area with shallow water and soft sand dunes. Birds often gather there, both pink flamingos and other smaller birds. It is exciting to get close to them and just sit and watch them for a while. Neighbouring town is Aquadulce, also a smallish tourist resort. Life revolves around the beach promenade and the good life. Aquadulce also has its own harbour but it is more about leisure boats than fishing. Both places make for a nice home away from home. But do check out both towns before looking for a property for sale as there is a big difference to live in a 100 000 people resort or a much smaller one.

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