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With a population of 60,000, Motril is the second largest urban center in the province of Granada, just behind the capital. Motril is essentially an urban zone where the area workers reside, most of them dedicated to tourist services and agriculture activities. Approximately one kilometer away from the sea, Motril has its own marina and fishing port, so it can be an ideal place for the lovers of fishing and diving. The beach of Motril is located just two kilometers away, where you can find Los Moriscos golf club, located right at the edge of the sea with stunning views of the Mediterranean. The urban center of Motril, located two kilometers away from the coast, might not be of special interest to the visitor seeking sun and beach, and even more when we compare this area with the charm of the neighboring Salobreña or La Herradura. This is why the international real estate buyer who decides to look for a property for sale in Motril usually avoids this area. However, precisely due to this fact, housing prices tend to be lower and it is possible to find good opportunities. This can be interesting for those who want to reside by the sea but at the same time are not willing to give up urban amenities, such as the ones present in Motril, which include several shopping centers, large parks or even its own theater, the Calderón Theatre, where you can enjoy plays and shows in Spanish throughout the whole year.

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The visitor who decides to buy a property in Motril usually prefers to move away from the urban center and acquires a villa or an apartment in the vicinity of some of its wonderful and genuine beaches, which display a more native personality than Almuñécar and La Herradura. The beaches are mostly occupied during summer by families coming from the provinces of Granada or Jaén, who have bought or rented a second home by the sea in order to avoid the suffocating heat of the interior. International visitors here are less numerous and warmly welcomed by the Andalusian residents. For those seeking a family atmosphere and the best beaches of Motril, we can recommend the beaches of Poniente and Torrenueva which are characterized mostly by its dark sand. The lovers of naturism can go to Playa de la Joya, a calmer beach sheltered between impressive cliffs. Further away, 13 kilometers from the city you can find the beautiful coastal town of Calahonda. This location has an extensive beach of thick sand and is bordered by spectacular rock formations. If you decide to buy a home on the beaches of Motril, you will enjoy authentic summers with a friendly local community of friends. This can be a unique opportunity to experience the true Spanish lifestyle. What are you waiting for?

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