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An escapade from the beach into the farmland

Many people have a long-standing love affair with Mallorca and the island easily comes to mind when thinking about buying a property in Spain. The island is easily accessible and there are many different areas, so there is something for everyone in Mallorca. In fact, many people have the image of Mallorca being an island of beautiful cliffs, mountainous areas, beaches with fine sand and coves of turquoise waters. That is of course true but the central Mallorca however, looks completely different. If you are looking for a property in a more rural setting you should definitely not miss central Mallorca. The central parts of Mallorca are mainly farmland with olive trees, vineyards and almond trees next to hundreds of windmills. That landscape will make you forget about the five hundred kilometres of coastline of the island of Mallorca. And should you be looking for a farm house with some land, then you have certainly come to the right place.

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Your own wine producing farm

Undoubtedly, the role of wine in Mallorca has evolved over time and, today, has become the protagonist of the central area of the island. The more than six hundred hectares of land devoted to the cultivation of grapes enjoy high fertility due to the mild temperatures of the Mediterranean. It is not surprising, therefore, that the wine produced in the surroundings of Binissalem has been awarded as Denomination of Origin. Why not make a day out of it and take a wine tasting tour through the towns of Santa María del Camí, Binissalem, Sencelles, and Santa Eugenia? Or perhaps you would prefer a farmhouse with your very own vineyard? There are often rustic farmhouses for sale with farmland that you can cultivate or let someone else do the work. And even if you aren’t keen on growing your own crops, it is very charming to own a farmhouse or a flat in the middle of a lively farming community. It is also easier to integrate and make friends in an all year environment.

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Traditional living in Inca

Although Inca may not be well known to foreign visitors, it is probably safe to say that many of the visitors have worn shoes from this area or have tasted some of the excellent locally produced wines. Inca is known for producing leather and leather goods of the highest quality and it is easy to get one of them, at a very good price, in the popular weekly market. The multinational footwear company Camper, with more than 400 stores around the world, is based in Inca, where it was founded in 1877 as a modest workshop. Should you choose to purchase a farm in Inca in Mallorca, your home will surely be filled with visitors. Everyone would love to come and visit you in your beautiful finca, perhaps buy nice leather goods at the local market, and drink a lovely glass of your self-produced wine while watching the sun set. There are many stunning farmhouses for sale in central Mallorca, large traditional farmhouses with adjacent land for animals or growing crops. Everything you need to start dreaming! But there are of course also plenty of farmhouses for those on a smaller budget, ready to move into or if you care to do a bit of renovation.

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