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Are you looking for the authentic Spanish but still would like to be close to the international crowd? In that case we have found the right place for you. Buying a property in Manilva Costa del Sol will get you an authentic Spanish village oozing with charm and at the same time Marbella’s international flair close by. Manilva really gives you the best of both worlds. And not to forget, Manilva’s property prices are still comparatively affordable. Manilva is quickly growing but is still a bit of a hidden gem. It has escaped the big building boom and the large tourist hoards. Even during the summer months there are plenty of space for everyone on the beaches.

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Located less than 30 minutes from Gibraltar, Manilva is blessed with an 8-kilometre coastline ranging from rocky coves to sandy beaches. The area is surrounded by mountains and wild nature. Should you get tired of beach life, there are many walking paths to discover. The closeness to Gibraltar and Marbella as well as Malaga make for interesting and fun outings and there is always something to do. There are also several airports serving the area. Three distinct areas make up the Manilva region; Manilva town located about two kilometres inland, San Luis de Sabinillas a small village by the coast and to the west there is the quaint fishing village of Castillo de la Duquesa. All three very charming in their own right. In Castillo de la Duquesa there is a small fortress with a stunning view from the top. It is well worth a visit. The population of Manilva is about 15000 all year around and about treble that amount during the summer.

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Puerto de la Duquesa

Once in Manilva’s you mustn’t miss its charming port, Puerto de la Duquesa. There you can find a perfect spot for people watching in the sun and also of course quality food and drink. Worth mentioning are also Manilva’s many vineyards, famous for their Moscatel grapes. The grapes are used for the production of raisins and fine, often sweet wines. To sum it up, Manilva is a great place for life with a comfortable pace but with lots of exciting things to see and do just on its doorstep. It is still easy to find an affordable property for sale in Manilva, Costa del Sol, but this little gem might not be hidden for much longer.

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