Six inspirational stories for a move to the Iberian Sun

MiMove on 2020-01-03

Here follows Six inspirational stories for a move to the Iberian Sun. Welcome to a new and exciting year! Perhaps this is the year you will buy your dream home in the sun and make the move? The MiMove blog has featured numerous people who have already made a life for themselves in Spain and Portugal. Here are some of our most popular inspirational stories!


First, we have Helena and Bengt who got bored with life as pensioners in Sweden and traded it all in for an active life in Portugal. But first, they decided it was a good idea to live in a renovation project for a year! Thinking of a move to Portugal? Read their inspiring story!

Lena_Dimsy_MiMove_move to spain

Some of you may wonder if what it is like to change your life around in midlife. With careers, family and children! Well, Lena did just that. Here is her story.


Linda and her family is another example. In their case, it was the son’s interest in playing tennis that was the deciding factor. It is a lot easier for him to make a go of his tennis-playing in Albir on Costa Blanca in Spain, but the whole family enjoys their new lives.


Several of your bloggers talk about life being simpler and happier since the move. Is it the sun and the warm climate or just the different pace of life that is the difference? Here is what Lise, a mum from Sweden said.

peace and quiet_MiMove

And Staffan found his peace and quiet in Spain as well. Since that blog post, they have sold their apartment and bought a larger house. Perhaps the family will move permanently in the future to their new home in Spain?


And lastly, Roland from the Netherlands enjoys his new life in the sun. So much so, that he swears that he will never return to the dark and cold!

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