Theme parks in Spain

MiMove on 2019-08-02

It is summer and long days at the beach are awaiting us. But perhaps you or your children get bored and want to do something different one day. Why not take a look at one of these fabulous theme parks in different parts of Spain?


Terra Mitica theme park

In Benidorm, you can go to Terra Mitica where you can experience being a citizen of Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, or the Iberian Peninsula as you enjoy one of the shows. Learn about the history of Europe in a fun and family-friendly way.

Gladiators and acrobats will entertain you all day long and there are lots to see and do. There are also numerous shows to entertain the whole family. They often carry a historical theme but with a humorous twist. And between shows, there are fun rides to go on, also with historical themes. Many of them are water-based. The park is open from 10.30 to late (closing times depend on the month) and tickets start from €28.

Isla Mágica theme park

Another park with a historical theme is Isla Mágica. It is located in the urban area of Seville on the Cartuja Island, only five minutes by foot from the historic centre of Seville.

Isla Mágica offers 6 thematic areas related to the discovery of America.

Also, in summer an aquatic area is open. There are several swimming pools and a water park full of fun slides. It is a great option for a hot summer’s day. “The Island of slides” awaits all the brave people who want to explore “whirlwinds”, “tsunamis” and waterfalls.


Adults can enjoy attractions such as “the challenge” with a free fall of more than 68 meters high or roller coasters. There are also adventure shows and some interactive tours. Most shows re-enact some part of the discovery of America like pirates and seafaring. But there are also shows like an Andalusian horse show and several well-known children’s stories such as The Jungle Book and Aladdin’s lamp. There is something for everyone in the family. Tickets start from €10 for children and €14 for adults.


Siam Park theme park

If you are in Tenerife, you mustn’t miss the world’s best water park. Siam Park has been chosen as the best water park in the world for the sixth year in a row.

You can go on slides, curves, jumps, free falls, travel under an aquarium with sharks and other exciting fish. There is also “La Singha”, an aquatic roller coaster considered to be the best aquatic attraction in the world. You can spend a full day there and never get bored, especially not if you are an adrenaline junkie.


There are also children’s areas designed for the little ones, to have a great time with their families, for example, Coco Beach. If your children like to go exploring the Lost City or Sawasdee they will have an amazing time.

This is a fantastic park, but admission isn’t cheap. The tickets start at €38 for a night-time pass. For €122 you get an all-inclusive pass giving you access to the whole park and also as many beverages and ice creams as you like.

Adventure Amazonia theme park

If nature is more your thing, you must check out Aventura Amazonia. It is in fact, several parks spread out over Spain. It is fun and games and challenges in beautiful natural settings. There are zip lines, tree games, and multi-adventure outdoor circuits for all ages and physical conditions.


You can find two adventure parks in Madrid, one in Malaga, one in Granada and one in the Pyrenees. The tickets start at €16 and are valid for three hours. Included in the price are an introductory course and some training before you get to challenge yourself on the circuit. It is a fun day out for the whole family or a group of friends. It may even be something different for a bachelor’s or a hen party?

Loro Parque theme park

Also, in Tenerife, you will find the world’s best zoo according to Trip adviser. You can see all kinds of animals in the park. Both landbound and sea animals.

In 2010 a weak female killer whale was found off the coast of Holland. It is extremely rare to see killer whales in those waters. Firstly, the Dutch dolphinarium Harderwijk made sure she gained weight and regained her health.

Secondly, the plan was to release her back into the wild. However, as killer whales are herd animals and the scientist couldn’t locate her herd and since the whale evidently couldn’t properly hunt for food, they decided against releasing her. They named her Morgan. After some research, they found Loro Parque and decided it would be a good place for her.

However, it would take several years of court battles as a group of activists wanted her to be released into the wild instead. Eight times, the Dutch court ruled that it would be in the animal’s best interest to move to Loro Parque. In 2014, Morgan was finally transferred and settled well into the group of orcas at Loro Parque. However, the court battles have continued but so far, all instances have deemed Loro Parque to be the best option for Morgan.


A baby orca

While at Loro Parque, Morgan has thrived, and she even got pregnant and in September of 2018, Morgan gave birth to her first calf Ula. It was a good thing that she was under supervision as Morgan’s milk supply wasn’t good enough to feed Ula as much as she needed. The team at Loro Parque has hand-fed Ula and kept her under supervision 24 hours a day during the first months. Now, both mum and calf are doing fine and are part of the conservation, research and education activities regularly accomplished with the orcas.

In the park, you can also watch meerkats, tigers, red pandas and capybaras, only to mention some of the other animals. They are all living in beautiful vast grounds of lush greenery. Tickets start from €41.

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