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Quaint Alhaurín el Grande

Quaint Alhaurín el Grande is located in the Malaga area of Costa del Sol and has approximately 24000 inhabitants. It is a picture-perfect Andalusian village with white washed houses, narrow streets and mild climate. If you don’t need sea view but are looking for something genuinely Spanish, perhaps Alhaurín el Grande is the village for you to look for a property for sale in?

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The village is located a mere 20-minute drive from the beaches, so it is not far should you long for a refreshing swim in the ocean. In the village you will find the perfect Spanish environment to finally write that novel you never got around to. And if writing isn’t your thing you can always spend your days sipping on a cup or two of café cortado in one of the little cafés. Or better yet, why don’t you combine the two, after all, coffee and writing must be the perfect combination. Blessed by the mild weather of this refuge in the Sierra de Mijas, you will shun the greater masses of tourists down the coast, but, should you miss some of your country folk or just get to know the locals, you can always meet residents of different nationalities at the local British Pub. The mild weather and perfect location means there is always something to do if the slow pace gets a little boring. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails, a short drive away you can take a drink while watching the sun set in the sea and of course you can always play a round of golf. If golf is your thing, you will certainly enjoy the challenges posed by Lauro Golf Club and Alhaurín Golf Club. Since the village is located a short distance from the sea the property prices are somewhat lower. It might be an interesting place to look for a property for sale. Maybe best of all, Alhaurín is home to the Museo del Pan, Spain’s only Bread Museum. Visiting is a memorable experience that will provide you with hours and hours of knowledgeable conversation that will surely make you shine at future dinner parties and social events.

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