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Surely you've heard "Lisbon is a must see place". But what do you do if one visit is not enough? Is living or spending part of your time there possible? Of course, it is! And many people already do! If you decide to buy a home in Lisbon, you will enjoy the typical climate of southern Europe and much more. Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, is a charming place where the romanticism of its fados mixes with alleyways with panoramic views. On any given night, there is no better plan than to walk around the old town area and stop at a typical restaurant to have dinner and a delicious Portuguese dish. To taste the Portuguese cuisine, you must choose a restaurant with traditional dishes. For example, near the Arco de la Rua Augusta you can find Tágide Restaurant, famous for its views and incredible traditional dishes such as arroz con balacao.

In addition to romance and culture, the warm climate and its beaches attract many visitors. As the capital of the country, you will enjoy an international airport with 14 million passengers annually. Although Lisbon offers rail and bus connections to major cities, if there is an unforgettable way of transportation in Lisbon, that is the tram. Adorable, elegant, seducing, classic, captivating, special... many adjectives to describe the typical photo of Lisbon. The tour can take you from the old town to any place on the outskirts of the city.

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Places that should be mentioned are the Arco de la Rua Augusta and the Praça do Comércio, both in the Chiado neighborhood. These two monuments represent the central core of the city. Another one would be the Castle of San Jorge, where you will find the best views of Lisbon, the highest point of the city. Finally, a must see is the Torre de Belém, an old structure carved in stone on the beach. On its top floor you can enjoy majestic views, which are ideal to catch sight of nearby pirates. Pirates in the 21st century? Who knows. Not long ago, Lisbon was a stagnant area with partially abandoned and decrepit buildings. Currently, Portugal is the place to go and so is its capital. Lisbon is already a modern and at the same time traditional city. Due to the shortage of properties, apartments can be sold at comparable prices to the great European capitals. If you decide to buy a property in Lisbon, remember that tourist rentals are in high demand, so it can be a fantastic opportunity for a long-term investment. In a place like Lisbon, we should talk about beaches. To begin with, it must be said that Lisbon does not have them, but in just a few minutes by train, you have easy access to the beaches of Oeiras, Cascais or Estoril. These cities offer a front beach in which it is a pleasure to walk. For surfers, there is no better place than the natural park of El Guincho, north of Cascais. Sand dunes and strong wind for beginners and not so much beginners. If you prefer enjoying sunbathing, you should head to Adraga beach. Going down the magical mountain of Sintra, you will find a paradisiacal beach between rocks and nature.

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And finally, we should speak about fado. This is the most important Portuguese music, in which experiences of life are expressed through singing. Fado was not always a romantic singing, as in the 19th century it was associated with marginal people. Nowadays, in any corner of Lisbon you can enjoy a fado show and a Porto wine tasting. What else can we say about this city? If this is a fantastic city for sightseeing, imagine living in it.

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