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Odemira is famous for its rugged landscape and wild beaches. It has a population of approx. 26, 000 people and the majority live in the town itself. Odemira is the largest country in the whole of Portugal. The area, especially to the west, has great agricultural potential. Many large vegetable producers have their own facilities in the area and provide Europe with fresh produce. Perhaps your salad tonight was grown in Odemira? Already, Odemira is a favourite with the Germans and the Dutch. They have found their own little paradise in the area. Of its 55 km of Atlantic coast, 12 km are of sandy beaches, of which Malhão, Milfontes, Franquia, Farol, Furnas, Almograve, Zambujeira and Carvalhal, stand out a bit extra with their natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere. The whole coastal area is integrated in the Sudoeste Alentejo and Costa Vicentina Natural Park. The main tourist areas are Vila Nova de Milfontes, Almograve and Zambujeira do Mar.

Many of the coastal towns are former fishing villages and you can still get wonderful dishes based on what the ocean has to offer. The village have kept their charm and it is wise to explore many of them before deciding where to buy. If you are interested in looking for a property for sale in Odmira it might be good to know that one of Europe’s largest music festivals take place there, in the small town of of Zambujeira do Mar. MEO Sudoeste is a lively music festival that is a must go to for all lovers of electronic music. It takes place over 5 days beginning of August each year since 1997. Although, visitors stay for free at the camping ground with the ticket to the festival, there might be opportunities to rent out your place for some extra cash during this time. Luckily, not all visitors to the festivals like sleeping bags. If you look a bit more inland, there is the largest forest spot in Portugal. Native trees like cork and holm oak grow next to more exotic trees like eucalyptus. Do go looking for a property for sale in the Odemira area if you want an affordable piece of the good life in Portugal.

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