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Are you thinking of buying a home in the Algarve but would like to avoid the massive hordes of tourists? Do not hesitate: Silves is the place. Silves offers a great combination of both touristic and historical attractions for you. As a great example, we have the Castle of Silves, one of the best preserved castles in the Algarve, completely made out of reddish stone. During the month of October you can enjoy spending a magical night in this Castle and feel part of the “One Thousand and One Nights" stories. Another place you must visit is the Cathedral, also built with the characteristic red stoneware of Silves. And if you have children, they will surely have a great time at the waterpark and Zoo, “Krazy World”. If you decide to buy a house in Silves, you will have access to two completely different beaches. On the one hand, Armação de Pêra beach, known for its excellent facilities and easy access for people with reduced mobility. On the other, we have the Grande de Pêra beach, which consists of a sandy area full of dunes, extending for more than 2 kilometers. This is a place completely stripped of all human activity, where you will be able to observe species such as stilts and swamp-hens in their natural habitat.

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In the coastal area, we can enjoy a wide variety of cuisine based on seafood. Among the many delicacies you can find “carapaus alimados” (mackerel as the main ingredient), stuffed squid, and the “cataplana” among many others. Heading inland towards the mountain region, we can taste diverse dishes prepared with boar, lamb, or hare. And nothing else can compare to tasting these delicious dishes along with some local rosé wine. Some of these wines have been awarded with the best prize in their respective categories, even winning the prestigious Bacchus contest. But if you really care about the wines of this land, you cannot miss "Jazz at the Wineries" an event where you can taste the regional wines with friends and family while enjoying some nice jazz groups playing along. Silves is a region with one of the highest production rates of oranges in the area of the Algarve, which can be felt at the annual festival held in February "Silves, capital of the orange". This event is an initiative promoted by the City Council to highlight the quality of the citric products of the area. During the festival, there are many musical performances, an orange cocktail contest and an exaltation of citrus-based gastronomy. But even if oranges are not your thing, you can take this opportunity as a chance to rent the property that you decided to buy in Silves.

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During the month of August, the medieval festival of Silves is celebrated, nine days of historical recreation of the Christian Reconquista era. Over a hundred people participate in the festival, which includes musical and theatrical plays, more than 50 traditional stalls of ancient taverns with traditional cuisine, medieval tournaments, fire shows and many more activities to enjoy with family and friends. Another curiosity of this festival is the use of a particular currency specially created for the event. However, if you decide to take advantage of thus and decide to rent your property in Silves during this holiday event, you can rest assured that you will get paid in euros. If you decide to buy a house in Silves, you will be ensured the enjoyment of precious tranquility, without lacking a great variety of interesting things to do throughout the whole year. Still have some doubts? Check out the MiMove offer in this area.

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