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If you are looking for new home by the sea in a seafaring town that is still a vacation paradise for the locals and has yet to fall prey to touristic overdevelopment, then you may want to look for a property for sale in Moncófar (or Moncofa, in the Valencian language). This is a town bordered by a wide and long beach where you can leisurely do your morning run, adjacent to a long Avenida Mare Nostrum planted by palm trees, with little cafés, ice-cream shops or small restaurants and chiringuitos, where you can enjoy a pretty decent paella or taste the best vegetables and seafood from the region. Nothing fancy, nothing that could be found in the Michelin guidebook, but if you look around, you will also find plenty of locals sitting in the terraces, chatting, sipping at their beers and intensely enjoying the small pleasures that a life by the sea has to offer.

This is a place where you come when you want to improve your Spanish (or, even better, your Valencian) skills and you are comfortable enough integrating into the local society without feeling the need to run into your fellow countrymen every once in a while. The town has only 7,000 inhabitants (twice or triple as many in the summer) and you can rest assure that after a long stay here, you will come to be a familiar face. And if it comes to mingling with the locals, there is nothing better than waiting until July, when Moncófar’s town festivities of María Magdalena take place. The streets are taken by many boys and girls dressed in the typical Valencian outfit and a group of sailors will take the statue of the holy Virgin Mary to the beach where a reenactment is done of its arrival to Moncófar many centuries ago. This is a massive celebration by the sea where everyone gets wet (including the holy Virgin) and everyone knows each of other. Soon enough, they will also know you, should you choose to buy your home by the sea in Moncófar.

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