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Almazora (Almassora) is a 25,000 inhabitants town just ten minutes away by train from Castellón de la Plana. While the town itself does have some historical importance (it was an important enclave in the wars between Christians and Moors in the 12th and 13th centuries), and some worthy monuments - two hermitages and a 13th century bridge-, this is mainly a dormitory town to Castellón with a value oriented offer for the price conscious. The town is also located on the border of Mijares River, which provides a very nice hiking setting just outside the city limits.

For the moment, Almazora is completely off the radar for the international property investor, and this means that this town may be of interest for those mostly concerned with integrating with the real Spain. The international investor looking for a property for sale in Almazora will likely be most interested in the two beach areas located in its municipality, in the Playa de Benafelí and Playa de Pla de la Torre. These are quite underdeveloped beach areas, lined with long rows of one or two stories houses and where tall apartment buildings are completely absent. You may find some good opportunities for resale houses on the area, which will give you access to an excellent beach that, especially on the winter time, you will have for your own. And, sure enough, another advantage of finding a property for sale in Almazora is that Villarreal is just 12 minutes away. If you are a sports fan, your Sundays will be a real treat since you can watch at Villarreal’s Estadio de la Cerámica some of the best teams of the Spanish La Liga, including Real Madrid or FC Barcelona!

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