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Oropesa del Mar, with 10,000 permanent inhabitants, is one of the most successful seaside towns in Costa del Azahar tending to the sun and beach seeking visitor. And there is a good reason to it: Oropesa’s beaches are simply fantastic. The town has 12 kilometers of coast, and, within it, seven great beaches. Four of these are proudly displaying their blue flag, and out of these, three (Les Amplaries, Morro de Gos and La Concha) can boast having all facilities, including access for handicapped persons to bathe in full safety. An afternoon stroll along the spacious Paseo Marítimo watching the spectacle of Oropesa’s beaches is one of those simple pleasures in life that you will remember fondly.

Oropesa’s beaches are very wide and made up of fine grain sand, and these are places where you can just relax and enjoy the sound of perfect turquoise waters while forgetting about the rest of the world. Even in high season you can get easily get your personal space without having the sense of overcrowding of other more popular destinations. Some of the beach areas, such as La Concha, are in a fairly developed stage, with older apartment buildings mingling with newer constructions, but if you drive around you will also find other stretches of sand and coves with a lower pace of touristic development. The town itself has an interesting historic center, including a well conserved Moorish castle from the 9th century, and still keeps the feel that you are walking around a genuine Spanish village, but one that has a unique Museo del Naipe (Playing Cards Museum). The other great town attraction would be its well maintained marina, that would make Oropesa a great base if sailing is one of your main interests. And, for sure, in the town center you can also find Oropesa’s train station, which connects the city to other Costa del Azahar beach towns, as well as Valencia and Barcelona. The house hunter that is seeking a property for sale in Oropesa and prefers to focus on high end real estate should take a look around the Marina D’Or area on the town’s north end. This is a great resort complex along Les Amplaires beach that includes several high end hotels, touristic apartments, entertainment parks, sports facilities and restaurants. Since this is a popular and well known mid-high end area, a real estate purchase here would have ample rental possibilities. Due to its higher degree of touristic development, a higher number of international expats have decided to buy a house in Oropesa del Mar, with a large German community getting together here. There is nothing strange to this, since besides a great share of sun and beach, there is in Oropesa something for the sailor, for the seeker of the real Spain, and even for the card player. Come and find for yourself what Oropesa del Mar has to offer!

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