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Vinaroz (26,000 inhabitant) is the last of the Costa de Azahar seaside towns before you drive over into the Costa Dorada and the Catalonian region. Here again we have a perfectly pleasant little town with a wide variety of excellent beaches that are gradually developing their seafaring and agricultural roots into a more touristic day to day. The international property hunter in Costa del Azahar should also consider to buy a property for sale in Vinaroz, as other members of the French, British, Belgian and German community have started to do in recent years. Since this town is a little further away from the more touristic centres of Peñíscola, Oropesa or Benicasim, it will also be easier to find a good opportunity to buy a property in Vinaroz at a reasonable price.

Again, the excellent beaches are the treasures of this town, and here we have no less than 12 kilometers of coastline, with 22 small coves where you can search for your private paradise. The largest beaches, along which the Paseo Marítimo has been built, are Playa del Fortí, Fora del Forat and Playa del Clot. They are all great sandy strands, with all possible services, the ideal places in which to lazily finish that book which you have been wanting to read all year. The town of Vinaroz itself is well worth a visit, with a mixture of ancient buildings with different styles (Renaissance, Baroque and Modernist). We recommend to peek around the Capilla de la Comunión and the old mayor house at Casa de la Villa. Since this is a seafaring town with a decent sized port, you can also examine the produce at the town’s local market Mercado Municipal. You may be curious as to why you may find here an abundance of jumbo shrimps. And if later on you feel the first pangs of hunger in your stomach, you may want to quiet down at some local restaurant. Here again, the waiter may recommend a local specialty that will involve Valencian rice and a very tasty looking and distinct type of jumbo shrimp. And if later on you wander around town looking for a coffee shop, you may even stumble at a monument with a huge metal statue of (take a guess) a jumbo shrimp. Yes, you already know it: Vinaroz is well known in Spain for its langostino de Vinaroz (Vinaroz’s jumbo shrimp), and you cannot leave town without sampling this delicacy. The international house hunter should settle for a property for sale in Vinaroz if he wants to have access to the best beaches and seaside cuisine while making sure that he is still living in the genuine Spain. The door to have in Vinaroz an easy paced and family friendly life by the sea is wide open. You just need to enter it.

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