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Although the charm of living in Sevilla Capital is undoubted, real estate demand in the city has risen considerably in recent years and, therefore, this market has become less affordable for the average budget. For this reason, many visitors who are thinking to buy a home in Seville are looking beyond the metropolitan outskirts and considering towns which, without being far from the Sevillian capital, retain their soul and Andalusian charm while allowing a high quality of family life. The foreign visitor who chooses this option knows that he has the pleasures of Seville nearby, and at the same time can carry out his day to day life in an authentic Andalusian town. The province of Seville consists of 104 villages to choose from when deciding where to reside. We will focus our attention in two beautiful municipalities that are less than thirty kilometers away from the capital: Carmona and Utrera.

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Carmona is a white town of 30,000 inhabitants that is distinguished from a distance by the monumental complex that occupies the center of the town. The visitor who decides to look for a property for sale in Carmona can enjoy the impressive Alcázar del Rey don Pedro, built by the same Pedro I “The Cruel” who built the Mudejar palace of the Seville Fortress. The fantastic historical repertoire of Carmona is completed by buildings from Roman times: the remains of an amphitheater and a necropolis. Utrera, on the other hand, has a population of over 50,000 inhabitants and, accordingly with its greater size, can offer a greater real estate offer. In addition to having an important historical monumental heritage in the city center, this beautiful white village can be of great interest to all flamenco enthusiasts, since it is considered one of the historic sites of this art and has been the birthplace of many famous artists. If you are looking to buy a property in Utrera, you will be living in a real Andalusian village with a genuine flamenco soul, while having easy access to Seville city.

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