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Food and drink is El Vendrell in a nut shell. El Vendrell is situated in the well-known wine region Penedes. Cava, as well as red quality wines are being produced in the region. When it comes to food, the local speciality Xato may be the most well-known. Xato is a dish combining salad with fish. And of course, it is enjoyed with a glass of local cava. If you go looking for a property for sale in El Vendrell, you are looking in quite a big town, about 36000 people live there. You also get culture, long fabulous beaches, food and drink as well as lots of history. The city may be mostly famous for being the birth town of the cellist Pablo Casal. Even if he was forced into exile in 1939 his remains are now back in El Vendrell and buried in the local cemetery. On the coast, in Sant Salvador, there is a beautiful villa that Casal built as his summer residence. The villa is now a museum and his birthplace in the centre of town is also open to visitors wanting to see what normal Spanish life looked like at that time. Other towns near-by worth visiting is Coma-Ruga with its lively marina and El Françàs, both situated right on the coast. El Vendrell itself is located a short distance from the coast which might be an aspect to consider when looking for a property for sale in the area. It is about 4 kilometres to the nearest beaches. But if you don’t think walking distance to the beach is essential El Vendrell may very well be where you will find the home of your dreams. And of course, we mustn’t forget to mention the closeness to Barcelona, only 60 kilometres as well as the area being well served by international airports and train stations nearby.

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