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This beautiful village really has everything, beautiful landscape, culture, history and narrow cobble stoned alleyways. There are also lots to do for the entire family. About 20 years ago the old traditional fish auctions were revived, so now you can go and visit the fish auction in one of the big modern buildings. Should you go looking for a property for sale in Torredembarra and make it your home, you will never run out of things to do. Did you for example know that this area is well known world-wide for its kite-surfing? There are some interesting buildings, both new and old to go and have a look at. For example, there is the Pere Dabia hospital, housed in a fantastic Baroque building. The hospital was originally founded in 1783 to care for the poor and sick people in town. Today the hospital is not in business any longer but there is a newer part that is a retirement home. A more modern building is the new lighthouse from the year 2000. That is one of the four last light houses being commissioned by the Spanish state during the 20´century. It is the tallest light house in Catalunya with 58 metres. The oldest building stands in front of the San Pere church and is from the 12-13’centuries. It is believed that the building was part of a larger castle at one point. You ought not to miss the beaches, they are long, well-kept and very nice. La Paella has been awarded the EU’s blue flag for cleanliness and facilities like toilets and showers. In Baix A Mar you really should take a selfie with the Alpha and Omega-statue. It rises up from the sea and it is one of the most photographed attractions in Costa Dorada. Apart from all the attractions and the beauty of the regions, the closeness to both Barcelona and Tarragona must be mentioned. Should you go looking for a property in Torreembarra and you find one to make it your home, you have chosen a fantastic place that is also easy to get to. Several international airports serve the area.

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