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Imagine living in a city where you can find reminiscences of ancient times in every corner, a city that itself as a whole has been declared as a Global Heritage Site by Unesco. Welcome to Tarragona. Tarragona is indeed a very special place. Founded as Tarraco 2200 years ago by the Romans as a military outpost, the city became of prominent importance in the Roman world during the reign of Emperor Augustus in the first century. At that time, Tarraco was declared the capital city of the Tarraconensis Province, which encompassed 70% of the Iberian Peninsula. In a sense, Tarragona could be considered to have been the first capital of Spain. As provincial capital, Tarragona had a pivotal importance in the romanization of Spain, as can be seen by the many Roman monuments that are very well preserved in the city. You can walk to the Roman Theater and let your imagination reconstruct the representation of a Seneca tragedy; you could also take a stroll on the outskirts of the city to watch its perfectly conserved Aqueduct de las Ferreras and imagine water still flowing through it; you can get yourself to the Roman Circus, and relive watching the chart races; but, most importantly, you should head to the Roman Amphiteater and imagine a gladiatorial combat. But if your imagination is by now too tired to make up this battle, you can actually see it live if you wait until for the annual Tarraco Viva Festival, which includes reenactment of gladiator combats, among many other Rome related activities. Tarragona is not only a city that lives up to the traditions of its ancient past, but also one that keeps kindling the passion for its most contemporary festivities. Among these, the most important ones are the Festivities of Santa Tecla, which take place in September during ten days. These includes parades, gastronomical events, music festivals and many other activities. During these days, you can also see the world-famous castells of Tarragona, or human towers. This is an original tradition from Tarragona which has spread to the whole of Catalonia and for which every two years a festival is celebrated in this city.

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The international visitor who decides to buy a property for sale in Tarragona, will live in a fairly large coastal city (130,000 inhabitants) which keeps five fantastic beaches, one of them an urban beach right under the Roman Amphitheatre. Many more options to lay down in the sun can also be found in the nearby towns of Cambrils and Salou. Tarragona also boasts having a unique old town, in which its ancient Roman monuments stand out. However, the medieval buildings of the city, such as its Cathedral or the old Mayor House are also required visits and further enhance the historical feeling of this city. Tarragona accounts for plenty of good restaurants and nightlife offer. However, those who want to party until dawn are known to seek the discos and nightclubs of nearby Salou and Reus. A Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is planned to be constructed in Tarragona in the coming years, which will likely lighten up its night scene. As opposed to the coastal towns in the province that cater mainly to tourists, Tarragona is not just a service-oriented city, since its livelihood is fueled by a powerful chemical industry in which many local companies partake. This can be noticed in the real estate distribution, since once we get farther away from the beautiful historical center we will find many non-distinct apartment complexes that serve as living grounds for the local workers. The smaller influence of external visitors in the local real estate market means that average prices in Tarragona city are generally lower than in the neighboring coastal towns (although, of course, Tarragona also has its high standing areas such as Antibes or some parts of Via Augusta). Furthermore, prices are only slowly recovering since the tremendous dip they took after their peak in 2007, and this means that the price conscious visiting expat can find great opportunities, should he look for a property for sale in Tarragona. If you decide to buy your next house in Tarragona, you will be living in a unique city that has made everything possible to keep its historical past present in its day to day life. You will also enjoy a privileged location in a city with its own international airport, and which is just at a stone’s throw from the lively beach towns of Costa Daurada, as well as an hour’s drive away from Barcelona.

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