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A genuinely Spanish alternative to Salou

Cambrils, with over 35,000 inhabitants, is a charming and lively coastal town of middle size, just a ten minute drive away from flights to London via Reus Airport, and just slightly one hour away by car or train from Barcelona, its airport and its urban wonders. While nearby Salou has attracted most expat communities, Cambrils remains a solid magnet for Spanish visitors, so this is probably the town to be if your goal is to learn Spanish or Catalan and interact with the locals. Cambrils is also known to attract a more upper scale tourism, and property prices on this area reflect this fact. If you decide to look for a property for sale in Cambrils, you will enjoy none other than 9 kilometers of fine golden sand beaches, 9 in total, and all of them showing their blue flags and offering the best facilities, including handicapped access to the sea. All the beaches are tied together by a 9 kilometer-long seaside promenade, which can be ideal for long morning walks or bicycle rides. This town is also well visited by sailing enthusiasts, since it displays one of the largest marinas in the Costa Brava and, for sure, plenty of local agencies will also cater to other nautical sports needs, such as surf, windsurf, kite surf or snorkeling. Given it size, Cambrils can offer a large variety of services to its visitors, which are usually Spanish families and all of this is set in the environment of a beautiful historical old town. This can also be a very lively town in the Summer, with plenty of restaurants, including two superb ones that have earned a Michelin star, Restaurant Can Bosch and El Rincón de Diego. In terms of nightlife, although Cambrils does not have as many nightclubs and discos as neighboring Salou, those that exist here are usually focused on a more mature audience, and thereby may be preferred by the more family-oriented visitor. However, if your teenage kids revolt claiming for a younger night entertainment, then Salou is only a ten-minute drive away. And for the little ones, there are plenty of fun afternoons that can be spent at nearby theme parks of PortAventura World and Ferrari Land. Should you decide to buy your second home in Cambrils, you will be basking daily in some of the best beaches of Costa Daurada, in a lively historical town while avoiding the beaten track that most international visitors are following. Yet, should you miss a good conversation with one of your country mates over a pint in a British pub, then the more international town of Salou is only minutes away.

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