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Mont-roig del Camp

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Mont-roig del Camp is located in Costa Dorada in the Tarragona province about 30 kilometres south of Tarragona city. The closest airports are Reus and Barcelona airports. Mont-roig del Camp has the mountain ridge Serra de Colledeiou on one side and the Mediterranean Sea on the other. The population is concentrated to two main parts, one old town Mont-roig del Camp, situation towards the mountains and the coastal area Miami Platja. Mont-roig del Camp gets its main incomes from nuts and olives. If you started looking for a property for sale to live in permanently Mont-roig del Camp could be an interesting alternative. It is a lively city with both history and charming Spanish culture. You are close enough to Barcelona to enjoy all the benefits of an international big city but far away to find peace and quiet away from the hordes of tourists. In the middle of Mont-roig del Camp, an old 19-centrury building is the home of Solé, an olive oil museum. There you can learn everything there is to know about how olive oil has been made through history and you can taste different oils. You can also combine your visit to the museum with a walk to Pedra Seca. Before cultivating the soil, all the loose rocks had to be removed. Those rocks have then been used as building material when several huts were built. The rocks where put on top of each other and made to stuck together just by uneven parts of the surfaces. No binding material was used. 141 huts have been deemed to be in good condition and five of them are classified as being of national interest. But perhaps you are a little more attracted to the lazy life in the sun? Then you should look for a property for sale in Miami Platja instead. The area consists of a long coastal stretch with some hotel and camping grounds. The beach is wide and fine and is very family friendly. There are also some hidden coves and secret places should you long for some solitude. All amenities and facilities are present in the area and it is very popular to visit during the summer months. The well-known Joan Miró spent a lot of time at his family farm located close to Mont-roig del Camp. He was inspired by the nature and the people in the area and traces can be found in his paintings, especially in his early work.

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