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With 8,000 inhabitants, L’Ametlla de Mar is yet another wonderful fishing village in the Costa Daurada that is currently catering to the Spanish vacationer. The great number of these similar villages along the Spanish Mediterranean coast makes it sometimes difficult to choose amongst them. All of them are fantastic spots to simply enjoy the sun and the sea while relaxing with the family. You really need to deep dive into the details of each town in order to choose the perfect one to make your real estate investment. In this particular case, the clear reason why you should choose to buy a property in L’Ametlla de Mar is its great quality beaches and, in particular, the abundance in the area of numerous secluded and delightful coves which, if you do not arrive in peak season, you will be able to enjoy while avoiding the larger crowds. It is not surprising that the inhabitants of L’Ametlla usually call their town as “La Cala” (the cove) and refer to themselves as “caleros” (cove people). The main beach in L’Ametlla, Platja L’Alger, is itself a cove, but if you drive around, you will find plenty of other little coves that are spawning among the rocky cliffs, such as Cala Llobeta, Cala Llenya, Cala Cova del Llop Marí, Cala Xelin, or, closer to Calafat, Calaforn. Add to these some other unspoiled beaches such Platja L’Estany or Platja Santa Creus, and you will be able to choose in L’Ametlla and surroundings a radically different beach spot for every day of the week. If you buy a property in L’Ametlla, when you tire of enjoying sea sports or simply relaxing in the sun, you can also explore some of the vestiges of L’Ametlla’s historical past. The most important one is Sant Jordi’s Castle, which was built on the 18h century upon the remains of a genuine Templar fortress from the 12th century. It is well worth a visit for a view of the Mediterranean and the Sant Jordi cove. And for some more recent history, just 2 km away from L’Ametlla, you can visit a set of bunkers remaining from the Spanish Civil War, which have been converted into a Museum. This can be a great opportunity to learn more about the conflict that torn Spain over eighty years ago. If you choose to buy a home away from home in L’Ametlla de Mar, you will be avoiding the larger crowds of international expats and will be settling among Catalan locals and residents coming from other parts of Spain. Good communication with Barcelona and Reus airports will ensure that you can remain well connected to your place of origin. In L’Atmella, you will have a fantastic choice of blue flag beaches, as well as a never ending array of delightful coves where you can enjoy the refreshing waters of the Mediterranean like nowhere else. If beach variety is your top priority, you should buy a property in L’Ametlla de Mar.

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