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The gate to the Ebro Delta

L’Ampolla (3,500 inhabitants) is a coastal town located on the northern edge of the Ebro Delta Natural Park, just facing the beautiful Fangar Peninsula. The main reason to choose to buy a property in L’Ampolla is, needless to say, its privileged access to the Park and to the great hiking, fishing, bird-watching and sea bathing opportunities that it offers. However, l’Ampolla is as well the archetypical fishermen town that during the seventies and eighties evolved into a small touristic spot catering towards Spanish vacationers. This means that the town offers some great beaches (eight to be precise, some of them blue-flagged) with all the expected facilities, a good variety of sea food restaurants, its own fish market and marina and some nightclubs and discos where you can get to know the town’s night inhabitants. This may not be the poshest town to vacation, since most of the available apartments in the seafront belong to blocky condominiums developed in the seventies, but it keeps all the ingredients that are necessary to enjoy a quiet family life by the sea, while getting to know better the town’s permanent and temporary summer residents (most of them Catalans or coming from other parts of Spain). If you decide to buy a property for sale in L’Ampolla, you can be certain that during your stay here you will have a grateful stomach. L’Ampolla produces some astounding seafood which is lovingly combined with the rice and orchard products grown in the Ebro Delta Park. There are many restaurants in which to enjoy a Paella Marinera or Arroz Negro, and you will have a wonderful experience in all of them. In particular, L’Ampolla takes a special pride in the oysters produced in its many oyster farms, so you will find this local delicacy in all of its restaurants. Every year in May, an oyster festival takes place, in which many of the local restaurants compete to present their best oyster-based dishes. Choosing L’Ampolla as your base in which to buy a property in the Ebro Delta will let you, at the same time, enjoy the leisurely life of a classical sun & beach Spanish town, while having immediate access to a lifestyle intimately connected with the unique natural environment of the Ebro Delta. This town is only 40 minutes away from Reus Airport (which is connected to London via Ryanair) and 90 minutes away from Barcelona and its airport, so you do not need to feel completely cut off from your country home.

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