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Ebro Delta

The perfect habitat for birds and bird-lovers

Your current life priorities do not include dancing the night away in the most fashionable nightclub while you take sip at a perfectly prepared bloody Mary. Rather, you prefer to take long walks with your loved ones on almost virgin beaches or sit leisurely for hours by a lagoon trying to catch the perfect photo of a beautiful flamingo. If this is accurately describes your preferred lifestyle, then what could be better than living inside a Natural Park? In Spain, this is possible if you choose to look for a property for sale in Ebro Delta Natural Park. This is one of the largest Natural Parks in Europe, comprising over 320 squared km around the mouth of River Ebro, in southern Catalonia. For thousands of years, the Ebro has been depositing around its mouth, creating a large wetlands zone including numerous lagoons, in what is called a delta formation due to its triangular shape. This has made the delta an extremely fertile environment, which is ideal for the raising of rice crops. In fact, 65% of the delta is made up of rice fields, while there is also a fair share land dedicated to orchard agriculture. The rest of the Park is made up of lagoons, saltworks, dune areas and wild lands that show off an incredible biodiversity. And this biodiversity is especially rich when we consider birds, which makes the whole Park as an authentic birdwatchers’ paradise. Any given day, you can watch up to 100,000 birds in the Delta, out of 330 species, which represent 60% of all available bird species in Europe. If you decide to buy a property in Ebro Delta, you can spend many healthy days just hiking or biking around the wetlands and enjoying eye catching sunsets over beautiful plains that never seem to end. But you can also spend your afternoons with your families at some completely unspoiled beaches where no construction is allowed, and which seem to have been forgotten by the large masses of tourists. Among these, an unforgettable one would be the beach at the Fangar Peninsula, made up of beautiful sand dunes surrounding an iconic lighthouse. Not only is any type of construction forbidden in this beach, but also this area is of restricted access to any motorized vehicle. Be ready to walk to reach this area and come well prepared with food and drinks. You will absolutely not regret the effort, since you will feel that the beach was just made for you. And where exactly does one buy a property in Ebro Delta? Where would houses be available inside a Natural Park? Well, it turns out that the towns of Deltebre, La Cava and Sant Jaume are all located in the middle of the Park, so you can look for a property for sale in Deltebre or any of its neighboring towns. You could also search in the nearby towns of Amposta, L’Ampolla or La Rápita, all located just outside the Park, and each one with a distinct personality. In all of them, however, it should be possible to find a great restaurant to eat a fantastic seafood paella cooked with local rice and sea products. If finding a property for sale in Ebro Delta’s first line of beach is your top priority, your options will be a little more limited, since construction is restricted in most beach areas. However, this is also not impossible: Urbanización Riumar is located right by Playa Riumar would be ideal for a quiet family life by the delta’s beach. The Germans seem to have gotten hold of this well-kept secret, with an expat community already settled here. The Ebro Delta area is a paradise for those who want to lead a quiet family life in close contact with nature. Very few other places in Spain are so special as this Natural Park, which you can also inhabit. What are you waiting for? Many others future friends from the human and from other animal species have already decided that this is the perfect place to live.

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