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The westernmost section of the Costa de la Luz stretches throughout the province of Huelva until it reaches the Portuguese coast. If international visitors are still timidly beginning to buy properties along the coast of the province of Cádiz, in the province of Huelva this phenomenon becomes even more extreme. Indeed, there are excellent locations in which to buy a home in Huelva coast, where you can develop a dream life. However, at the moment only visitors from other parts of Spain seem to have noticed this. You will find many visitors coming from Seville, Madrid and other parts of the interior of Spain, but the large expat communities are still to come. This, of course, is only a matter of time since a beach afternoon in Isla Cristina or Punta Umbría is just as peaceful as in Fuengirola or Denia. Perhaps you are one of the pioneers from your country to discover this charming area?

A first area to consider if you decide to buy a house in the province of Huelva would be, as expected, the city of Huelva itself. This is a small and very manageable university city, with only 150,000 inhabitants, where the real estate investor who wants to buy a house in Huelva, can find good deals both in second-hand housing and in new developments. Life here can be very cheap, since Huelva has one of the cheapest costs of living in Spain. The proximity of Portugal also increases the possibilities for shopping at a good price. This city can also offer the typical services of a medium-sized town, such as a good theatre, adequate hospitals or museums like the Huelva Museum or Casa Colón. But what Huelva and its surroundings are really known for is the historical importance of this city during the trip of Columbus that culminated in the discovery of America. Indeed, in 1492 three fragile ships departed from nearby Palos de la Frontera in one of the most exciting journeys in the history of humanity, and there is no place like this area to let your imagination travel to the days of that feat. In Palos de la Frontera, you can also visit replicas of Santa María, La Pinta and La Niña, as well as the Monastery of La Rábida, where Columbus prepared the trip. The impressive Monument to the Discovering Faith, 37 meters high, reminds us of the feat. Another area to take into account are the towns near the Doñana National Park, considered by many as the lungs of Andalusia and which is a real paradise for those who enjoy bird watching and wildlife. Among them, are Almonte and El Rocío. At the beginning of June, the Pilgrimage of the Virgen del Rocío is celebrated in El Rocío, which annually gathers the impressive figure of over one million pilgrims eager to show their religious fervor to the Virgin (while, at the same time, also enjoying a good Flamenco party) in a town of about 1600 inhabitants. The possibilities of making a return through touristic rentals on the purchase of a house in El Rocío are obvious. And finally, those who prefer to buy a home in Huelva just to enjoy some sun and beach relaxation have the fishing towns of Isla Cristina and Punta Umbría to choose from. Tourism in these two locations is made up mainly by visitors from inland Spain. Here you will find a good offer of real estate and hotels, in addition to the best beach facilities. And, of course, a good variety of chiringuitos where you can enjoy the tasty jumbo shrimps from Huelva and other local seafood, as well as montaditos of the best Iberian jamón cured in neighboring Jabugo.

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