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A still hidden secret

While the British expatriate commnities in the nearby Vejer and Arcos de la Frontera towns grow year by year, the number of foreign visitors who decide to buy a house in Medina Sidonia is still minor. The only reason for this is that this wonderful town has only recently been discovered by those visitors who wish to buy a house in the "authentic Spain", moving as far as possible from the massive communities of international residents from other coasts.

However, Medina Sidonia, with just over 12,000 inhabitants, offers the international pioneer the opportunity to live in a genuine white Andalusian village. Only here will you be able to take advantage of the town’s location on a hilltop to enjoy some impressive sunsets over the heights. If you take into account that Medina Sidonia is only half an hour by car from the international airport of Jerez de la Frontera or forty minutes from the southern beaches, then this town can be perfect base to enjoy the best of the Costa de la Luz. At the same time, you will have the opportunity to improve your Spanish and integrate into a local community. In addition, where else can you enjoy the delicious almond and honey sweets of Arab origin that are the alfajores of Medina Sidonia? Although the demand to buy authentic townhouses in Medina Sidonia is not high, neither is the offer. However, the locals have noticed the growing interest of expatriates for rural houses and prices have been rising in recent years. This does not mean that with some patience you may not find a good opportunity to start your new Andalusian life in Medina Sidonia.

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