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Tossa de Mar

Blue Paradise

Tossa de Mar, north of Barcelona on the Costa Brava, is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. It has everything you would expect from a charming Spanish city. There is an historic city center with a beautiful ring wall and the town is dominated by a medieval castle. As in many other Spanish cities you will notice that a lot of festivals are taking place throughout the year. The beaches are excellent, and the sea is incredibly turquoise and crystal clear. Looking for a property for sale in Tossa de Mar almost feels like a picture-perfect place to live in. Furthermore, the city is just over 100 kilometers from Barcelona and not far from the French border. About 6000 people live in in Tossa de Mar whose number increases naturally in summer as in many places in Spain. Since the younger stone age people live in this area and the city wall which includes seven towers was built in the 12th century. Inside you will find Vila Vela, the historic, medieval city center. Vila Vella is the last medieval city on the Costa Brava, protected by a wall and a tower. Within the walls you will find charming, cobbled streets and inviting outdoor restaurants. Around the 16th century, the city began to grow outside the ring wall, and in the 1960s the tourism industry slowly but steadily made its way here. The modern parts of the city are now dominated by hotels and apartment complexes. Although Tossa de Mar is located on the seafront, the two main industries prior to tourism were wine and cork production. Just below the city are the beaches, Playa Grande, Mar Menuda and Playa Codolar. If you move further away from the city, you will soon discover many hidden and lonely bays where you can enjoy the tranquility. In the past many artists from all over the world have discovered the city and Marc Chagall called Tossa de Mar "blue paradise" because he felt the color of the sea was very special. In the early fifties, Ava Gardner filmed in Tossa de Mar and even today you can find a statue of her in the city. That's why many bakeries still sell pastries that bear the name Besos de Ava Gardner - Ava Gardner's kisses. If you are interested in looking for a property for sale in Tossa de Mar, it will make you even more popular with your friends and family, and you can expect a lot of visitors. Because the proximity to Barcelona means that it never gets boring here.

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