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Torroella de Montgri, and surroundings

A Catalonian life among mountain, river and sea.

Tucked in between the rocky Massif of Montgrí and the waters of the Ter river lies Torroella del Montgrí, a beautiful medieval town (although founded by the Romans) with over 10,000 inhabitants, where it is easy to find plenty of history and tradition. If you choose to find a property for sale in Torroella del Montgrí town centre, you will be fully immersed in the life of a typical Catalonian rural town, just five kilometers away from the coast. This means that your breakfast coffee will be served with a generous chunk of bread with crushed tomato and olive oil or that your Monday mornings will likely be spent trying to find a good bargain at the local marketplace. Do not expect English to be generally spoken when you make your order in a restaurant. As in all villages on the north side of Girona province, Catalan is the language that everybody speaks, but if you can only communicate in basic Spanish, your questions will always be kindly answered. A different matter would be living in the coast by L’Estartit, officially still part of Torroella municipality, and just a few kilometers away from Torroella city center, for which it serves as port town. L’Estartit lies at the north of a magnificent 3 km beach. It is no wonder that it has become a popular beach town that in the summer multiplies its population. Some international residents are also finding their property for sale in L’Estartit, and developing communities of French, as well as of Dutch, are being formed here. If you are still deciding the area in which you would like to find your property for sale in Torroella, we propose you a great hiking scheme that will keep busy and fit for a full morning: why don’t you hike the first part of the Massif of Montgrí and visit Torroella’s castle? The castle was built during the 13th century by Aragonese king Jaume II as a defensive measure against the neighboring County of Ampurias. However, since the County of Ampurias was later on merged into the Aragonese crown, the castle lost its significance and was never finished or inhabited. Today, besides being a site of historical importance, the castle serves as an unrivaled outpost with magnificent views of the area. From here, you can see the town of Torroella along the river Ter, as well as the surrounding green plains where crops are grown. On the distance, you can observe the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, and the long stretch of sandy beach where L’Estartit is located. Further on the sea, you can catch a glimpse of the Medas Isles, today a protected national park, and a paradise for snorkels and divers. And on the sides, the magnificent views of the rocks of the Montgrí Massif and the Montgrí national park. Take a good look around you. You have the best that nature can offer in the shape of sea, mountain or river. You have two welcoming towns, whether you fancy the beach or the rocks. Why should you not look for a property for sale in Torroella or L’Espardí? Surely your heart is already captivated by these lovely sights.

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