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L'Escala is a popular seaside resort in the province of Girona, just 50 kilometers away from Girona Airport and about 120 kilometers north of Barcelona. This town has only 10.000 inhabitants, but this number is increasing during the summer months. The visitors are mainly French or German. If you are interested in a property for sale in L'Escala then you have the advantage of being in the immediate vicinity of France and Barcelona. And with the airport in Girona travelling here is very convenient. L'Escala has many different beaches, some of which are directly adjacent to the city. Stroll along the beautiful promenades and visit the lovely harbor, La Clota, which is used by recreational and professional fishermen alike. For those of you interested in history, a visit to the ruins of Empúries is highly recommended. Explore this ancient colony, founded by the Greeks in the 6th century BC. Later it was besieged by the Romans. It was also them who finally in the 1st century BC. Chr. founded their settlement on these grounds. Not far from L'Escala, near the ruins, lies a beautiful medieval town which is called, St. Marti. Here you can stroll on the small, charming streets or just relax on one of the many outdoor terraces to enjoy a cocktail or a cup of coffee. If you decide to look for a property for sale in L'Escala, it is no different than buying a property in the south of Spain. The area has just so much to offer, with the difference that it is by far not as hot as in the south and that nature here is much greener as well.

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