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Sitges is a coastal town situated 35 kilometres south of Barcelona. The town is located between the mountain range Garraf and the Mediterranean Sea. Sitges is sometimes named the St Tropez of Spain as the inhabitants are affluent and many of the rich and famous are attracted by the peace and quiet yet glamorous lifestyle in Sitges and the proximity to Barcelona. To go looking for a property for sale in Sitges you need to have quite deep pockets as the property prices are often on par with the most expensive cities in Europe. There are always something happening in Sitges. Party all night long and different activities during day time. And if you get tired there are no less that 17 different beaches to relax on. It is up to you have active and adventurous you would like to be. Albeit its proximity with Barcelona, Sitges has a completely different character and personality. There are none of the heavy gothic buildings and instead we will find quaint whitewashed houses and narrow cobbled streets. In addition, Sitges regularly has better weather than Barcelona due to its protected location by Parc del Garraf. Sitges is well known for its openness and welcoming atmosphere and many places market themselves to the LGBT community by greeting the customers with a rainbow flag. There are carnival times in Sitges every year between February and March. The Fiesta kicks off with a depicturing of king Carnestoltes making and entrance. The festivities continue as long as the king is present until his burial on Ash Wednesday (the first day of the fast). In October, the Sitges international film festival takes place. It is the largest and most prominent festival for fantasy films and the festival has been running annually since 1968. But even during the summer months, there are always one fiesta or another to take part in. More often than not, they are accompanied by fireworks being shot across the water. Should you need to rest your feet after a long day, there are three lovely marinas to choose from. You can sit outside and watch the ships pass by. If you would like something a little more adventurous, you can go for a hike in Garraf Natural Parc. It is a lovely hike in beautiful landscapes but keep in mind it is sparsely populated and there are very few places where you may buy anything. You need to bring water and snacks if you plan on staying out for a bit, bearing in mind it can get very hot during the summer. There are a few restaurants, but they are located closer to the ocean. Sitges is located in the wine region of Penedès, perhaps best known for its Cava and beautiful landscapes. For days with dull weather or when you feel a little bored with the beaches there are many lovely vineyards to visit. If you decide to go looking for a property for sale in Sitges, it may set you back a little more than you had wished for, but you will not regret it. Sitges is a truly magical place.

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