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A quaint coastal town with a distinct Spanish flavour

South of Mazarrón, Águilas, with 35,000 inhabitants, is yet another placid resort town that mainly caters towards Spanish second home owners and summer vacationers. The expat penetration here is even lower than in neighboring Mazarrón, so this could be a fine spot if your objective is to improve your Spanish and integrate with the local community.

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A good way to decide if you would like to look for a property for sale in Águilas would be to head to the Castillo de San Juan (the original XVIII century castle upon a rocky hill around which the town of Águilas developed) and take a view. If you go up to the Batería de San Pedro, the tower where the town is defended by batteries of canons from over two centuries ago, you can get a glimpse of everything that Águilas has to offer. From here, you will see an immense turquoise sea on which the Isla del Fraile, today a protected natural space full of storks and also a watching spot for dolphins, is prominent. You will notice a coast sprawling with secluded bays and beaches. You will observe a vibrant coastal town full of life, with early morning movement around a fish market that auctions delicious product for some fantastic local seafood restaurants. You will perceive a Marina that will delight sailing enthusiasts, but that also provides a great space for leisurely strolling for those who know nothing about the sea. You will spot a beautiful mountain range in the background that offers great hiking trails. And also somewhere within the city, you may catch sight of its train station, which gives Águilas a privileged rail connection to Lorca and Murcia, and, thereby, to Madrid and Barcelona. All of this is Águilas. All of this, plus the one of a kind Railway Museum that is secretly waiting on the undergrounds of Águilas train station. If this sounds like the right combination for you, and finally decide to get your own piece of the Mediterranean when you purchase a property in Águilas, you will not be disappointed.

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