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If you liked the turquoise waters and the fine beaches of the Mar Menor, but found the area a bit too quiet for your taste, you should definitely look South and consider Cartagena as a good prospect city to establish your base in Spain. If you decide to look for a property for sale in Cartagena, you will be living in one of the Spanish cities with the richest history, which is reflected in its impressive offer of monumental remains and museums. And you can complement this with access to a wide variety blue flag beaches, a decent selection of nightlife spots and restaurants, as well as music events throughout the year. All of this in an unspoiled Spanish environment, since the larger concentrations of international expats have decided to settle near Mar Menor or in Costa Blanca.

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Cartagena, with its 200,000 inhabitants, is, indeed, one of the oldest cities in Spain. Founded over an Iberian town in 227 bc by the Carthaginian General Asdrubal, the city immediately became one of the most important towns of the empire ruled by the African city of Carthage. During the Second Punic War against the Roman Republic, the well known Carthaginian general Hannibal assembled in Cartagena an army of 100,00 soldiers and 40 elephants. He actually managed to lead this army all the way from Cartagena across the Alps to Rome. He was almost successful in conquering the city, which would have meant the end of civilization as we know it. So, as the Romans can tell you, the people from Cartagena are not to be easily messed with. After the Punic War between Rome and Carthage ended with a sound Roman victory, the city was renamed as Carthago Nova, and, due to its rich silver mines, became one of the most important cities in Roman Spain. Proof of the rich Roman legacy are the Roman Theatre and the Roman Forum in Cartagena, which should not be missed on a visit to the city.

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And if you decide to buy a property in Cartagena and make this city your home, you will get much more than history. Just on the outskirts of the city, you will find the semi-urban beach of Cala Cortina, one with all the possible services in a wonderful cove. And if the beaches around the city are not enough, the excellent ones of Mar Menor and La Manga are only 20 minutes away. If you are in need of sporting activities, then there are great hiking trails around Cartagena city, by which you can explore the surrounding nature as well as some of the ancient historical forts that surround the city. Cartagena also offers a decent open air music festival in July, as well as a jazz festival and a film festival in November. But, for sure, the top event is the Cartagineses y Romanos festival in September. During this time, you can relive the deeds of Hannibal, when many cartagineses dress up as either ancient Carthaginians or Romans and reenact some of the main battles. You will not run out of thrills if you decide to buy your next home in Cartagena.

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