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Sevilla, City and Province

Living in the heart of Andalusia

Who would not want to live in Seville? This port city on the shores of the Guadalquivir River is an undisputable candidate to be the most charming city in Spain. Seville has a unique history, as well as wide cultural and monumental offer that very few cities can provide. For Spaniards, Seville is a city with a charm and unique soul, which represents the essence of Andalusia: its flamenco art, its gastronomy and its way of understanding life. But in Seville there is also an obvious caveat: this is not a coastal city, so beach options are more than a hundred kilometers away (but you can easily get there by railway). However, if access to culture, good food and the best art are more important to you, Seville could be the city where you create your new life. If you decide to buy your home in Seville, you do not have to restrict your real estate search to the metropolitan area of the city. There are more than a hundred towns in the province with a great variety of prices and real estate offer where you could find your new life.

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