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Oliva is a city on the Spanish east coast belonging to the province of Valencia and located about 75 km south of Valencia and 100 km north of Alicante. In this city, there are approximately 26,000 inhabitants and many more during the summer months. Do you love the sun and good weather? In this case Oliva is a good place to buy your apartment or dream house. The inhabitants of Olivia are delighted with tourism, and its main attractions are its beaches and crystal clear waters. The beaches are natural, protected by sand dunes in front of the city and with quiet places to rest. The three most popular beaches are Terranova-Burguera Playa, Pau Pi Beach and Playa Aigua Blanca. Near the beach there are blocks of holiday apartments, which, in many cases, are owned by Spaniards. Most houses are low-rise buildings, which takes away the feeling of overexploitation. During the winter months, it can become very quiet and deserted since most of the apartments are not used and life on the beach does not attract as much as in the summer. But the center of the city and especially the old town area shows much more excitement. Spanish life lasts all year round and the city is full of restaurants, cafes, and bars. Besides tourism, people take great care of their surroundings: for example, Oliva is teeming with orange trees. Within the city, there are two charming churches with blue domes (Santa Maria and Sant Roc). This is a way to see the city as a traditional Spanish village with white houses and narrow, cobbled streets. Around Oliva there are magnificent landscapes and hiking and cycling routes of varying degrees of difficulty. There are also good opportunities to practice different types of water sports. Oliva is a small and compact place, so you can enjoy it walking by foot everywhere. It is so small that there are not many hotels around, so tourists usually choose to rent private apartments. If you choose to buy a home in Oliva, there are great opportunities to get extra income if you rent your property. Finally, there are airports both north and south of Oliva, one of them located in Alicante and another one in Valencia.

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