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An oasis of culture by the desert

Almeria is the capital of Costa de Almeria and has approximately 200 000 inhabitants. Almeria is located on Spain’s south eastern coast and has an international airport nearby. There are also plans to extend the high-speed railway from Madrid to Almeria, but it is still unknown if those plans will actually materialize.

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The city is located right by the Mediterranean Sea and the beaches are beautiful and well kept. If you are looking for a somewhat larger town with beautiful climate by the sea, Almeria is a great choice to be looking for a property for sale in. Here you can find everything you need; culture, history, beautiful and interesting nature and landscape, and lots of small, authentic coastal villages to explore. There are also great opportunities to practise your Spanish as it is a predominately Spanish area. And with a lower influx of international property hunters the prices tend to be lower. The area is almost untouched by the development wave of new built for visiting tourists so common in other areas in Spain. Almeria was founded by Abd-ar-Rahman lll who also gave the city its name. Almeria means “watch tower” in Arabic. During the 11th and 12th century Almeria belonged to the caliphate of Córdoba and prospered due to trade and the textile industry, especially production of silk. When Christianity got introduced at the end of the 15th century Almeria prosperous position fell. In 1522 Almeria was partly destroyed in a major earthquake. The rebuilding of the city didn’t start properly until the 19th century. Lately, Almeria has made a name for itself as the vegetable grower of Europe. There are approx. 40 000 hectares of greenhouses around Almeria supplying Europe with vegetables.

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Almeria city is a seaport with a large commercial port. It is currently being developed to increase its capacity for container freight. Apart from the commercial traffic there are also ferries taking passengers to destinations such as Algeria and Morocco. You can also catch a ferry to the Spanish autonomous town of Melilla, located on the north coast of Africa. Almeria is the only European city that has a genuine desert climate with an average yearly temperature of 19 degrees Celsius. Since the weather measurements started in 1935, the temperature has never reached freezing point in Almeria. Not far away from the city of Almeria, just a little more than 30 kilometres way away from the coast, you will find the Tabernas’ desert, the only natural desert in Europe. The landscape is similar to that of some of the states in Northern America, like Arizona and California. When film production teams were looking for alternative locations for shooting films about the Wild West in the 60’s, Taberna was often chosen. Several complete western sets were built in the desert and today three are still in use. They are also open to the public and you can go and have a beer in a real saloon and watch western shows. Films like Lawrence of Arabia, A handful dollars, and Cleopatra with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were filmed in the area. Still today, films are being shot in the Taberna’s desert and surrounding areas, for example season six of Game of Thrones. The marine national park Cabo de Gata is situated along the coast line to the north. Its landscape is rich in contrasts and stunningly beautiful. You can explore it on your own or join one of the guided tours being arranged. If you decide to go looking for a property for sale in Almeria and make it your home for holidays or permanently, you have chosen the Spanish way of life. It is an area full of Spanish authenticity and there is something for everyone. The only thing missing are the hordes of foreign tourists.

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