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Urban beauty at the shadow of the Sierra Nevada

"Give him alms, woman, for there is nothing in life like the suffering of being blind in Granada." This famous quote by the Mexican poet Francisco de Icaza, which you will find transcribed in the most diverse corners of the city, is a good summary of the emotions you can feel when walking through the streets of this town. Granada is considered by many to be the most beautiful city in Spain and one of the most impressive in Europe. The sunset view from the Albaicín viewpoint, with the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada on the background, is a pleasure to be savored slowly. If you decide to buy a house in Granada, you will live in an ideal city where you can get lost in its streets and enjoy its mix of Christian and Muslim cultures. You can visit the Royal Chapel of the Cathedral where you will find the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs or walk along a street composed exclusively of Arab tearooms. And the best part is that Granada is a generous city for a hungry visitor: you order a beer in a bar and, without saying anything else, you will receive a generous tapa at no cost. It is, therefore, very common that having dinner in Granada consists of wandering around five or six bars with a group of friends and trying the corresponding tapas. For the international real estate buyer who wants to change a view to the sea for a view to the mountains, buying a house in Granada is a very good choice, since you will find a wide variety of housing offers at very affordable prices. The majority of foreign visitors have decided to buy their house in the Albaicín, a neighborhood on the heights that lies within walking distance of the Alhambra complex built during the Arab period of the city. Its structure of narrow streets is preserved since Nasrid times. Even in many places we can see the old cisterns that formerly channeled the water in the city, transmitting the sensation that in this neighborhood time has not passed by. The magic of the Albaicín is so palpable that it has been declared a world heritage site by the UNESCO. What other person can have the luxury of living inside a monument recognized by UNESCO?

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LaAlhambra and Generalife, a must see at least once in a lifetime

The Alhambra, a UNESCO World Heritage site ince 1984, is the undisputed symbol of the city of Granada and a must see. It consists of an authentic independent citadel that, in addition to a defensive fortress, includes a set of palaces and gardens. Although the construction of the base of the fortress dates from the early days of the Arab invasion of Spain, the most prominent palaces date from the time when the Nasrid dynasty established its royal residence in the Alhambra (13th and 14th centuries). Among the most outstanding constructions is the Torre del Homenaje, the Patio de los Leones or the Palacio de Comares. The first thing that will surprise the visitors walking through the interior of the palaces is the perfect preservation of everything. Tourists can admire the tiles and the intricate designs that adorn the walls. Although the Alhambra has not always been as well preserved as it is now, the Christian kings who conquered Granada in 1492 realized that they were facing an authentic architectural marvel and decided not to undertake any major changes. The ideal visit to the Alhambra culminates with a walk through the wonderful gardens of the Generalife, an exquisite combination of fountains and vegetation that inspired part of the musical work of the composer Manuel de Falla.

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Sierra Nevada, the wonder of skiing on the southernmost part of Europe

Closely linked to Granada is the Sierra Nevada, which includes the Veleta and Mulhacén peaks, the highest one in the Iberian Peninsula. Here the regular skier can enjoy one of the best ski slopes in Spain. The Pradollano station is also especially known for its nightlife and its après ski. All this, just one hour away from the beaches of the Costa Tropical. Keep in mind that the very particular geography of Granada allows you to find here the southernmost ski resort in Europe, which is a real luxury. To give you an idea: Granada is at the same latitude as Sicily or the Greek islands. We can tell you without any doubt that if you decide to buy a house in Granada you will live in a city that can offer you everything.

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